For my Independent study... I want to make a eagle using the fab lab model maker. I am working with Celine and I just think the idea is really cool. Below are questions and statements from me and some of my classmates.

Making the battery fit in a small area fit in a small area?
Making an eagle that flies without somebody holding it using the fablab_model_maker and electricity
Finding out how to put the battery in without it breaking or catching fire since it's paper.

Toria- If not, how would it move?
Toria- Would you have a(n) remote with your eagle?

Adriana- How would you control it?
Adriana- Why does it have to be made out of paper? Could it be made out of metal?

nicolas, how will you make the wings move?
nicolas, how would you stop it from crashing

Wiley-it is probably very hard to make an eagle on the fablab thing. does it need to look a lot like a eagle or just able to know its an eagle?
Wiley-if you made it fly in a small area you would have to have some way to control which way it goes.. a rope maybe?

Emmy-How would you make it balanced?
Emmy-how would you make the wings so it would fly for a while?
Emmy-how would you make it stay in the air if it were only paper and batteries and wires?

Celine- How big should it be?
Celine- Is the eagle going to have a skeleton?
external image eagle_lg_angview.jpg
external image Eagle.jpg
external image 117386457_27e372104e.jpg?v=0
external image 19-W2636tn.jpg

external image Bald_Eagle-Wingspan-1024x768.jpg
external image bald-eagle-beak_854.jpg