On this page I am going to talk about some ipod apps. Ipods are fun and they are a great way to experiment.

1# Tap Tap Revenge
This game is very fun and it is not very educational. In this game you can play by yourself or with a partner. This game is good for ages 7 and up. Tap Tap Revenge helps with hand-eye coordination. This game is all about music. The levels are kids (really easy and slow.) Easy, medium (gets a little harder) hard (it is hard to get all the notes right) extreme (OMG! really fast)
2# Water slide
This game is all about, well water slides. This is a one player game and I think that this game is good for ages 8 and up. The objective of the game is to pass the level and watch out for objects such as ducks and crabs. You can be a boy or a girl and you move by tilting the Ipod left and right.
3# Deal or No Deal
This game all about probability. You are trying to end up with the million dollar case. If you don't have the million dollars and you knock it out your price might drop. You also might have to take the deal.
4# Haunted
This game is about moving at the right time. If you tilt the forward then the roller coaster goes faster and if you tilt it back it slams on the brakes. If you go really fast down a hill and then there is a part that goes up, you might loose some people. (That is not good) I think that children 7 and up can play this game.
5# Unblock me
In this game you have to try and get the red block out the little door. This game is very fun and kind of educational because it make you think. To move a block you just slide your finger across it. If the block goes up then you can only move it up. If it goes sideways it can only move sideways.
6# Towering blocks
In this game you are like a construction worker. There are big tower pieces that swing around and when the right time comes tap the screen. When you do that the tower comes down. If you drop one, sometimes all of you towers fall down. This game is very fun.
7# Tappy Tunes
This game is kinda like tap tap revenge. This game is for kids 6 and under. All you do in this game is tap the tune of the song on your ipod. For older kids this game is boring.
8# Domino Fall
In this game you place dominoes in a order so that they knock over and make it to the finish. This game is very fun! If I were a judge i would rate this game a 7. There are 12 levels and the higher the level the harder it gets. The game is easier than it looks.
9# My Creation
This game is all about coloring. You get to pick what you want to draw on. To draw all you do is use your finger. This game is probably for children ages 4 and up. Anyone can draw right?
10# Jelly Car
In this game you tilt and pull a little car. You have to complete the really strange tracks. In the beginning it looks really hard but once you get the hang of it, it is really easy. I would say that children ages 8 and up could play it. I am in 5th grade and i can hardly play it! So if you end up playing and can't do it, don't feel bad.
11# Flipsy
This game is like collapse. Except you have three buttons to use. the blocks will fall from the top of the screen then you touch a button and try to make a group of three. It is pretty easy and I would rate it a 7. Also... it is very FUN!
12# Aqua Punt
You press these buttons that make the footballs fly up in the air. You have to score points before time runs out.
13# Bubble Rap
In this game you have to pop bubbles before time runs out. It is fun in the beginning but soon gets boring.
14# Egg shakers
In this game all you do is shake the ipod. When you shake it, it changes color and changes sound. So you have to be careful not to drop it.