On this page you are allowed to post any comments. They do have to be appropriate. Also only post things about what you did in the snow. Or post things about what you did while it was snowing.

Adriana- I played out in the snow so many times. I even made a fort with my sister and friend. By the way the friend was Anna. I went sledding, had some snowball fights and made snow angels.

Ms. White--I'm getting ready to try to go driving in it. Will I get out of my driveway that is too crusty to shovel? We'll see! Be back later with more. ..

Anna-I basically did the same thing as Adriana since we are next door neighbors and we played together.

Hey, Nicolas made an igloo--can you guys upload pictures of your fort? PW

Celine-I ambushed my sister

Adriana- I am looking outside of a window. All is see is white and all I hear is blowing. The storm is crazy!

Anna- I went outside and all there was, was white fluff and it was still snowing. i think that the snow is cool. I also heard whistling from the wind.

Carter:I went outside of my house with Courtney and we had a snowball fight and more and it was fun!!!!!!