On March 20... I went to a concert. To be more exact I went to the Taylor Swift Concert.

I arrived at JPJ (John Paul Jones Arena) and there were so many people there. My heart was pumping so much that if you were standing next to me, you would hear it. I was about to explode with excitement. Suddenly we got to the box office. We gave the lady our paper, she gave us our tickets and in we went. The smell of popcorn, cotton candy, pretzels and pizza filled my nose. I knew that I had to get something. Matter of fact, I got a popcorn and a bottled soda.

Then we went to find our seats. We were in section 103. We walked and walked until we found our spots. I was so hyper... I was jumping out of my seat. When everyone settled down I knew that it was time for the show to start.

First... we saw Taylor Swift's shadow. She said some stuff and then she said, "Give it up for Gloriana." That was her band's name. They played about four songs. They were so great, I couldn't stop dancing. They asked us questions, said some statements and then they said that it was Kellie Pickler's turn.

There she was dressed in a black t-shirt, black skinny leg jeans and a pair of gray high heels. She sang a lot of songs. Her performance was very good because she moved all over the stage, touched peoples hands and asked questions. She was also very funny.

Last but definitely not least was Taylor Swift. She sang the most songs and it was beautiful. She walked all around too. The best part about her performance other then the singing was... whenever she finished a song and the crowd cheered, she would take about three minutes to stand there and look at us. She said how much she loved to be in Charlottesville, Virginia. She also told us how much she loved her fans. It was very touching.

When she went to the bathroom to change her outfit, I saw her. She waved right to me and of course I waved back. I didn't get a hug but at least I got a wave.

When she was about to finish, she went to the floor seats and hugged a lot of people. She also shook some people's hands. It was a very sweet moment. There was a lot of confetti and it was red and white. On her last song, Should Have Said No, there was water that had the word NO in it. She stood under it and got soaked. That was pretty much all of it.

That is a memory that I will never forget!