This game that I will be telling you about is called Set. It is for kids and teachers. Also it is very educational and has to do with math.

Instructions: In this game you have a board with different and the same shapes. What you have to do is figure out sets that you can make with the shapes. The colors are green, purple and red. The shapes are ovals, squiggles and diamonds. The textures are lined, outlined and solid. The numbers are 1, 2 and 3. The main rule is you can either have the sets all the same or all different.

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Resources for kids:

Mathematical Fun and Challenges in the Game of SET®
"... have each student pick out a random two cards from the SET® deck and figure out how many, if any, cards can be found in the deck which can be paired with the first two cards to complete a set."
"What is the largest number of 'sets' that can be present among a layout of nine cards?"
"For constructing a SET® - type deck of cards as a classroom project, we have two suggestions. First, use common geometrical shapes (for example circle, triangle, and square) instead of oval, diamond, and squiggle. Second, to make the game more accessible to color blind students, use three colors that are less likely to appear identical (for example, black, a middle-toned blue or green or purple, and a light tone of pink or light blue or some similar color)."

Developing Mathematical Reasoning Using Attribute Games

Find as many SETs as possible in Figure 2.
How many cards must be in the deck?
How many SETs (including overlapping ones) are possible in the deck?
What is the best strategy when searching for SETs?
Which type are you most likely to find?
What is the average number of SETs among 12 randomly selected cards?
If one attribute is fixed, how many cards could there be that contain no SETs?
Find as many cards as possible that contain no SETs.
Can only three cards be left at the end of the game?

Other ways to play with the SET® cards external image squ_red.gif

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