triangle: 3 sides, 3 points, in 3-d it has 2 faces
square: 4 corners, in 3-d it has 6 faces
pentagon: 5 points
hexagon: 6 sides, 6 points
hexagon 2: 6 sides, 6 points
octagon: 8 sides, 8 points

I have some riddles for you Adriana! - Ms Haas

1. What do you think a 10-sided figure is called?
. I have know idea. Can you give me a clue? -Adriana
Okay, I will give you a hint. It begins with the word 'dec' that means '10'. Click here if you need another clue. Can you find a picture of a 10 sided figure? - Ms Haas
A decihedron. I don't think that I have heard of that. -Adriana

2. How many points would a 57-sided figure have?
. I am guessing about 57 because in the other shapes the points are the same amount as the sides- Adriana
You're right! Great job Adriana! You gave a really good explaination for you answer too! - Ms Haas
Thank you!! -Adriana