What do you think school would be like if there wasn't any technology?

It would be very messed up. By that I mean... How would children learn with out it? It is very helpful.- Adriana
I think it would be boring. (And I'm a teacher!)--Mrs. Clinton from Michigan
I'd like to believe that the skills that technology enhances, collaborating, creative opportunities to publish, and reaching learners through multiple modalities and inquiry based projects could still exist. Great teachers have always been doing this in their classrooms, it's just that now technology can enhance and expand these opportunities. --Mr. Wacker (Denver, Colorado)
It would be just like when I went to school...(chalk and dittos) Mrs. Z from Aberdeen, WA
A very boring place. Ms. G from VA
Very boring and school would be unnecessary because technology is evolving in this century-Nicolas
Boring. Learning would be way less fun then it already is.- Victoria
Boring, learning would be worse and I wouldn't learn as much-Celine
Not very exciting-Lucille (Adriana's mom)
Carter:Not as fun and very boring for some things

What is the best thing about school?

Being able to use technology to help with hard times- Adriana
The best thing about school for me is knowing I make a difference for kids. -Mrs. Clinton from Michigan
The bets thing about school is the opportunity to learn and create in an environment where making mistakes is turned into a positive, and social learning with peers makes it possible to stretch your mind in ways that are more difficult without it.--Mr. Wacker (Denver, Colorado)
Laughing every single day, learning something from my kids every day-Mrs. Z
Friends, and helping others. Ms. G from VA
A lot of things for me-Nicolas
Really good people- Victoria
Independent study with Ms. White since she lets us explore by ourselves-Celine
Getting to hang out with my friends and learn at the same time-Lucille
Carter:Friends,learning,help learn for collage,fun........so many things

If there were more outdoor activities in school, what would you want them to be(other than recess)?

Learning about the features of Crozet- Adriana
geocaching-Mrs. Z
Horseback Riding- Victoria
Survival Skills-Celine
Carter:Softball and baseball games during recess

If the school is running low on money what would you do to help?

I would start a car wash or something with a couple of friends- Adriana
One thing I do to help is I don't copy memos for teachers unless there is no other option. I communicate through email, and I'm trying to shift to other media such as wikis (I don't have one, yet. You students are inspiring me. -Mrs. Clinton from Michigan
STOP PRINTING and making copies! :)--Mr. Wacker (Denver, Colorado)
No more notes home!!!! Use a website...Mrs. Z
Use computers as a way of sending notes home-Nicolas
Email parents with Tuesday folder information, instead of sending home paper, and instead of writing on paper, write on the tables- Victoria
I like both Toria's and Adriana's ideas-Celine
E-mail homework assignments, etc. to the parents- Lucille
Carter:I like Lucille's idea

Do you think that school is helpful in some ways?

Yes... well in some subjects. Like independent study- Adriana
As a public school educator, I do believe in school. I also know that as teachers we can be doing more to help more students in more ways.-Mrs. Clinton from Michigan
Yep, a school can make the difference in the life a student and often has..Mrs. Z
Yes, in certain subjects-Nicolas
Sometimes- Victoria
Sometimes depending in which subject and what your doing-Celine
I think school is helpful in all ways, all kids need a great education.-Lucille
Carter:YESSSS always no matter what because ever one needs to learn in my opion
I'm very impressed with all the pages in your wiki, with your blog, and your wall. Just think what a great factor your Mrs. White was in inspiring you to create all this content. Public schools certainly can be a wonderful place for students to learn from teachers and teachers learn from students. Mrs. Stanley - computer technology integration specialist -Bethany, CT
Thank you so much!! I know, she was a BIG help. I agree with you on that.-Adriana